I didn't always realize I wanted to be a photographer. I was in love with photographs and capturing memories but it wasn't until an amazing trip to the UK at 18 years old that I realized my love was more of a passion. I've dabbled in everything from weddings to wild life but catching people in candid moments seems to be my favorite.

I'm currently working in "natural environments" (parks, yards, living rooms, etc) but hope to add a studio element to my photography in the near future.

I'm located in Deltona, FL and work with a professional photo lab that can print your favorite images on everything from a piece of photo paper to a leather iPad case. The "professional" part means that the colors will be just as rich 50 years from now as they are today.

I'm a little quirky and can be a lot silly and I'm a complete "Disney Kid." My sessions are always very laid back to ensure everyone has a great experience and walks away with great memories. Everything I do is very family oriented. It's a lucky person who can blend family and work and love what they're doing in the process.

Please feel free to email me at photogirlmandi@gmail.com with any questions you may have.

My son Gabriel and I when he was just about 2 months old.
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